How to tag a Mum!

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12+ years have passed since motherhood hit me between the eyes like a rocket wrapped in pink cashmere. Back then I frequented real-life social chat rooms (cafes), visited real-life shops and hung out with real-life people; I could touch, taste, hear and feel all of my social experiences. Of course I still can and do this now, but as a busy working mum I have far less time available than I did when I was a member of various mum and baby groups back in the day.

So this got me thinking.

Times have moved on and I am writing a blog to connect with the world, share my experiences and enjoy new social opportunities, and if I want this to work I need to embrace the need to ‘tag’ myself, my life, my husband, my children, and even my dog!

I started thinking about what kind of tags a mum should really have, and indeed what kind of tags would sum me up. Here’s the result:

I could have labelled myself with many mum-tags over the years…NCT-mum, stay-at-home-mum, full time-study-mum, domestic-goddess-mum, stressed-out-tired-mum, wine-o’clock-mum, party-planner-mum, PTA-mum.…you get the picture.

However, life has really evolved since my girls were babies and if I’m honest all I have wanted to be all along is a good-mum, you know, a mum that has all the right answers, cupboards full of nutritious and wholesome food and an ironing pile smaller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. What can I say, I’m a work in progress!

Today I think I would have the following mum-tags… full-time-working-mum, mum-in-high-heels, too-busy-to-cook-as-well-as-I’d-like-mum, high-school-homework-mum, sports-field-supporter-mum, heart-to-heart-mum, mopping-up-the-tears-mum, make-up-guardian-mum, 6am-gym-mum, embarrassing-dancing-mum, burning-the-midnight-oil-mum…you get the picture.

Quite a change. But during all this time, there are two mum-tags that have never left me (you might recognise them)… am-I-doing-the-right-thing-by-the-kids-mum, and, proud-as-punch-and-heart-fit-to-burst-mum.

(ok, ok…wine-o’clock-mum pops back in for a glass of something fairly regularly too…but it was having babies that taught me 7pm is wine-o’clock, who am I to break the rules of motherhood!)

It turns out my daughters have the answer to my ‘what’s my mum-tag’ dilemma. Whilst I’m busy analysing the good, the bad and the ugly of my mum-qualities (or lack of them), I ask them how they’s describe me and they simply say that I am “just-mum“…well them just-mum it is! And if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

So as much as it’s tempting to compare qualities and ‘tags’ to other mum’s, as far as our kids are concerned, just being their mum is the best tag in the world.

Just Mum xx

Ps. Just for fun I’d love to know what your mum-tags would be? Have they changed over time like mine or have you stuck to your mum-guns and mastered a tag that is right for you?

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