Why Minecraft is good for girls

Minecraft….it is quite literally a whole new world.

I have never been a ‘gamer’, I’m just not quick enough off the mark for most games, and despite not being too bad with a real ball, I do wonder about my hand-eye coordination. I only have to look at poor old Mario and he gets killed in some terrible fatal accident!

The girls of course are great at all things ‘gamey’ and virtual, and they are currently into the modern construction game that is Minecraft. This has been a revelation to me.

I was very anti-Minecraft, I don’t even know why, it just has that look of ‘gameyness’ to me and as a mum I felt it was my duty to protest and object to its very presence in our house. But then a strange thing happened…the girls started working together to build tall towers, create new lands and furnish their buildings; they were busily and excitedly planning each next stage together. Peace and serenity blossomed in our house for an hour or so.

Yes of course they can build things together in real life using lego, cardboard or drawings, and often they do, they really do. But in all honesty I don’t always want them getting all that stuff out, maybe we have a long journey and need to pass the time quietly, or perhaps I just need a bit of quite for an hour while I catch up on some work.

All in all I think this game is pretty good for girls. Don’t take it from me though, check out the girl’s point of view below:

Katie: Where should I start? Well Minecraft is not JUST FOR BOYS girls can play to and its sooooo cool. You can build a range of different buildings and that’s not the only good thing, you can connect with friends and family. Amelia and I love Minecraft. I must say sometimes it’s a bit addictive but it’s still cool. You can get survival mode and creative mode. In survival you have to collect materials and craft them in to whatever it says you craft them in to. There are also MONSTERS!!!!! They can kill you and then you lose all your tools and you have to go back and get you tools again BUT THE MONSTERS ONLY SPAWN AT NIGHT so there is a choice to go to sleep (if you make a bed).

Minecraft. tall tower, pinkfizzandonytails

The tallest tower you can make on this edition of Minecraft

Amelia: To carry on from what Katie said, ‘Creative’ mode is when all the tools and bricks have already been built for you and you can do what ever you want. I like Minecraft because you can join with other people, and playing it together with Katie is really fun. It makes us work as a team and I feel like it makes us even better friends. You can also do things like building your dream place, so you feel like you can make your dreams come. So we built the Disney Castle together! We have the pocket edition, which is for ipads/tablets. There are not as many features as on the PC/X-Box but it is still brilliant and all the main features are on it.

Minecraft Disney, pinkfizzandponytails

Minecraft Disney Palace made by Amelia and Katie

I know all the idealistic mum-rules about not using devices as babysitters etc etc…well I’m over feeling guilty about all that stuff, all do our best to interact as-much-as we can, so everything in moderation I say…even Minecraft.

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