Top Reads for Tween Girls

What was your favourite book when you were growing up? I have a few that are special to me…

I was enthralled by Enid Blyton’s Naughty Amelia Jane for many years…that mass of hair and those naughty antics…she was my hero! In fact I loved this little girl so much that her name inspired my choice for our first-born, Amelia May (thankfully not so naughty!).

The other books that have stuck with me were written by the inspirational Judy Blume. It goes without saying that Are you there God, It’s me Margaret was a favourite…I must, I must, I must increase my bust’ was the silent mantra accompanying my exercise regime in the early 1990s.

And I will never forget the day that my best friend and I were deemed the only pupils in our class ‘mature and sensible’ enough to read and write an essay on one of Judy Blume’s infamously racy books, Forever. Well all I can say is we must have been jolly good actresses because there was a lot of giggling that went on behind the library bookshelves!

Poor old Judy, her books are now banned in American libraries! Thank goodness our school was a bit more liberal, I learnt a lot from that story! (As an aside, hubby once told me that when he was at school the boys read Judy Blume so they understood/could get in with the girls!! Smart!!)

It seems I’ve passed on my love of these two authors to my girls; Enid Blyton has been with us throughout the last 12 years in one form or another, and Judy Blume is back in my life too – (eh-hem, not Forever yet I hasten to add!).

The girls have quite different tastes to each other when it come to their favourite books, but with a unifying love of anything funny, and particularly a little bit slapstick, we have a shelf full of David Walliams books, and there’s no doubt that Roald Dahl has a big place in their hearts.

David Walliams Awful Auntie

Delicious David Walliams before a having selfie with Katie

Any girly manuals, particularly ones called The Girl’s Book of this or that, seem to be a favourite read in the tweenage years and go down well as gifts for friends. Well of course ticking checklists and writing down your secrets with your friends never gets boring when you are growing and changing all the time. But thank goodness these books are not designed for adults, I’m not sure I want to know how stylish I am or not, or what rating I would give myself currently as a friend/wife/mother/sister/cook etc etc!

The Girl's Book of Glamour

The Girl’s Book of…anything and everything!

I have also noticed a trend for tweenage girls’ books becoming a crossover between autobiography and fiction; vlogging phenomenon Zoella’s new book Girl Online is an example of this…a real life girl, writing a fictional story, that is based closely on her real life! Another popular series in the young adult genre is Geek Girl by Holly Smale, which I haven’t read myself but I’m told is based on real life and is inspirational to young ladies.

Meanwhile, delving deep into the imagination of tweenagers, The History Keepers series by Damian Dibben has gone down a storm in our house, as has the Ruby Redfort series, written by Lauren Child of Charlie and Lola fame. Dork Diaries is a true love here and Pink Fizz Towers too, with the girl’s snapping up each new book as soon as it is released!

All girls are different of course, and their love of different styles and genres is only to be encouraged, no matter how similar or different they are to our own. I, for example really struggle with the Dr Seuss series…some of you will think I am mad, it is so well-loved I know, but there is just something about that cat-in-a hat that has always freaked me out a bit! Katie, our youngest has always loved the books though so we would read them together again and again…and again, and there is no doubt that the rhythm, repetition and rhyme is incredible for assisting the building blocks of early reading.

There is nothing we love more than a good book here, and a special literary character can live on in our hearts for a lifetime, even when the illustrations are changed in real-life like Amelia Jane!

I’d love to know your tweenage book recommendations too so please do leave me a comment and give me some tips for next Christmas!

Happy reading x


  1. Lots of one’s I recognise here! I haven’t introduced my 10 year old to Judy Blume yet but how I loved her books! Deenie was my favourite which doesn’t get mentioned much but for some reason really stuck with me. Thanks for all the great tips!


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