I must be mad – right?

I’m too busy…

My hubby is too busy…

The girls are too busy…

You are too busy…

We are all too blinkin’ busy. In fact possibly the only living, breathing creature I know that is not too busy is our dog, she’s having a pretty fantastic lazy time thank you very much with nothing more complicated to think about than where to sleep next (is it normal to be envious of your own dog I wonder?)

Every year I think, “next year we won’t be so busy”…next year I’ll be more organised, the girls will be a year older, the dog will be a year older…hubby and I will be a year older – eek – life will slow down next year. But the seasons have passed by and here I am again planning to spring clean the same cupboards I didn’t clean last year, planning to decorate the same walls that have been staring at me in all their magnolia glory for the past 5 years, planning to plant flowers and vegetables in the still sparse, apocalyptic garden…

So why then, say my nearest and dearest, have I decided to make myself even busier by writing a blog?! I must be mad, or perhaps I’m just a closet attention-seeker. Maybe I’m both?

Honestly I’ve even questioned this myself, but I keep coming back to the same answer…I just love it! I love to write. It’s my ‘thing’. I’m not patient enough to learn to decorate beautiful cupcakes, make attractive home-textiles or really do anything very hands-on. I don’t really want to run around getting sweaty after a long day at work (or before it, for that matter) and I’m too skittish for yoga. I’m not the greatest dancer, I can’t sing (although give me a karaoke machine and I’ll give you a rendition of Bat out of Hell that you’ll never forget) and I’m not even particularly great at watching the telly! So that’s a few hobby-options out the window.

No, give me a glass of wine, a big soft blanket and something to write with and I’m as happy as a linguist in a library. Here I am, lost in cyberspace emptying my head of all the crazy things that spin around in it, chatting to my daughter about new ideas to post, mentally sifting through the sublime and the ridiculous stories I could tell you…then deciding whether I’m really brave enough to re-live the many funny/poignant/happy/emotional/hysterical/crazy moments in my life. Weighing up all the possibilities and enjoying some time to reflect.

I reckon that like me, you too have a life that is too busy. In fact it’s highly likely that you have rushed through your day trying to be everything to everyone, because that’s just what we do nowadays, that IS life. And I’m in no way different, but it makes me smile to see my crazy life in writing. Today went like this…

6:35am – 9:08am – Shower/wake children/make breakfast/say goodbyes to hubby/find 3 pairs of tights without holes/make lunch boxes I wish I’d prepared earlier/feed dog/look for lost shoes/put on half of work outfit/thank God for Uggs/do school run no.1/drive to train station for ticket – no parking spaces – and no change for alternative car park/drive home/raid daughter’s money-box/brush teeth/put on remaining parts of work outfit/find dog toys/do school run no.2/deliver present to friend/drive back to train station/finally park/run for train wishing legs could actually move in dress/stand, stand, stand…

10:06am – 13:38pm – Negotiate tube/run up escalators/curse dress/develop love-hate relationship with beautiful heels/lead meeting/thank God for caffeine/back on tube/back on escalators/2 minutes til train leaves from furthest possible platform/run as fast as cursed dress and heels allow/play Chariots of Fire in my head-dahdahdahdahdaaahdaah/tick, tick, tick goes the station clock/lunge through train doors/try to suppress panting/walk length of longest train ever (short train at rush hour, long train at lunch time…ponder the logic)/find a seat/realise am sat next to a Macdonalds-devouring champion/try to mentally block all sounds and smells/weigh up whether I’ll hurt Mr Macdonald’s feelings by moving seats/curse myself for being so British/move anyway/peace, peace, peace…

13:38pm – wine o’clock – Back to office/read,write,edit,calculate,plan,prepare,leave/collect daughter no.2/listen, sympathise, laugh/collect daughter no. 1/listen, sympathise, laugh/confess to money-box robbery/find out money-box was full of never-to-be-spent-special-edition-coins/plot a midnight parking meter coin heist/ give up and apologise lots, and lots/make hasty promises of providing new special coins/cook girls’ dinner/feed dog/ help practice spellings for test/help practice RE for test/help practice timetables for test/curse all tests/drive to parents evening/listen, laugh, smile/dish out chocolate rewards/discuss merits of various books/discuss Pythagoras’ rule (yes really)/cook dinner no. 2/catch up on grown-up stuff/plan and prepare for next day/kisses goodnight/pour wine/glug, glug, glug…

And tomorrow it starts over again…

So, after all that the question looms again, why all the blogging?!

Well I think for the first time in my busy 37 years on this earth, I have finally found a hobby I really enjoy. Not one that will make me thinner, healthier, cleverer or richer, but one that allows time to stand still for a few minutes and makes me smile, and one that I hope will give you the occasional smile too.



  1. Catherine says:

    Love it! I feel your pain, Donna, really I do! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. suzanne3childrenandit says:

    Fabulous post Donna and quite honestly, I could have written it myself! I am way too busy to do anything other than my general day to day tasks but I really do think that we need to factor in something that we LOVE doing. Most of our lives are about doing things we HAVE to do. Thanks for sharing this. I think we are going to have a lot in common! x


  3. Thank you Suzanne, yes I think we absolutely do have a lot in common…I loved your ‘Justice Seeker’ post…I have one of those too! x


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