A Lush Start to the Easter Holidays

**Warning** this post may induce your tweens and teens to WANT take a bath!

When I was a nipper bathing more than once weekly was a luxury.

Being the first IN the bath was an even bigger luxury.

And bathing with the addition of a few drops of Mr Matey was akin to a spa weekend at Champneys!

Nowadays, thankfully, the whole approach to washing oneself has become far more fun and frequent. And as a mum of tween girls I am filling Zoella and chums’ pockets in desperation to get their pretty pink fizzers, bubbles, lotions and potions into the bath water and generally to make the kids smell better.

One of my girls’ favourite places to be is Lush, the ‘Fresh handmade cosmetics’ shop where they feel mum’s money is best handed over and never seen again. So as a fun start to the Easter Holidays we headed into the world of smelly soaps to treat them to something other than chocolate for Easter.

Now I’ve never been one for very smelly shops, anything highly perfumed makes me feel queasy and brings morning (lunchtime and evening) sickness memories rapidly to the fore, but actually this one wasn’t too bad as the wise sales assistant quickly distracted me with ‘play with these bubbles’ type techniques.

So after a bit of playing, these were our chosen Lush Easter treats:

1. Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb

Lush Easter Bath Bombs and Fizzers,, Hippity-hoppity bath bomb, bunch of carrots, eggceptional fizzer

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb, Bunch of Carrots and Immaculate Eggception Fizzers from Lush

Hoppity Poppity is a very cute bunny bath bomb, your £2.95 will fizz and disappear before your very eyes in seconds, but then the popping candy kicks in and you become hypnotised by the dreamy scent and the sound of retro-sweets popping inside your bath tub and forget money ever changed hands! A sure-fire Easter winner for kids of all ages!

2. Bunch of Carrots

Lush Easter Bath Bombs and Fizzers, Hippity-hoppity Bath Bomb, Bunch of Carrots and Eggceptional Fizzers

A surprisingly bubbly carrot hits the water!

These cute carrots are pretty good value, you get 3 for £5.95 and even though they appear rock hard, all you do is swizzle one under a running tap and Bob’s your bunny, a bath full of bubbles. One carrot will do 2 or 3 baths. Nice citrusy smells too so not overpowering – phew.

3. Immaculate Eggception


Look who we found inside the Immaculate Eggception Fizzer!

Crackingly clever egg this one – it’s a biggie and it’s hiding a secret (see pink and yellow eggs in feature photo). You bash it open and your hefty £6.95 gets you another secret bath bomb of either chick or bunny variety hidden inside! We got the cute little bunny above. You only need to use a few pieces of cracked outer bomb for your bath so it will last a while and smells delish. Comes in pink or yellow – and I’m saying nothing about what the bath looked like with yellow water!

So there you have it, a very quick and easy way to let your kids wash your money down the plughole, but also a great fun way to get your kids to smell nice – and a blessed relief from all the chocolate at this time of year. If I hadn’t been such a big kid myself wanting to try these out they would have gone in the Easter Sunday egg hunt!

Happy Easter lovely people xx

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  1. The bunny rabbit! Aw sooo cute!!!Great post! Just followed you 🙂 feel free to follow me back if you’d like, I’m a fashion and beauty blogger 🙂 http://www.meganleighstringer.wordpress.com xxx


  2. Lush has such fabby stuff x


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