10 reasons why At-Bristol is the best science museum for families

We have a bit of a divide in the Pink Fizz family when it comes to fun/educational family days out. The Hubby loves a bit of science, (being a bit of a braniac) and me, (being a bit of a romantic) well I’d always choose something a bit ‘arty-farty’ (apparently).

Lucky for the girls, they love any day out so long as there’s no homework on the horizon!

But even luckier for us grown-ups, we have found somewhere that appeals to us all in equal measure: At-Bristol is the science centre that effortlessly injects the fun into a family day out…and it even teaches you a thing or two along the way.

We have visited many times and this year we went with our family who covered every age and stage from age 3 to 60 – and I’m not kidding when I say we didn’t want to leave, there truly is something for absolutely everyone here.

The whole idea of the place is to get involved. So no matter if you have a toddler who wants to run around and fiddle with everything, older children who want to have a go at ‘cool’ experiments, mums and dads who want to be kids again, grandparents who want to have fun with the family without having to trudge for miles, or all of the above, this is the place to go.

My 10 reasons why At-Bristol really is brilliant: 

1. It really is safe and friendly – you can all run around having a go at different things and yet still keep kiddies in your eye line and nobody minds! In fact they encourage it!

2. There is an area for indoor picnicking and a lovely cafe, giving food options for all levels of budget/organisational skills.

3. There are free interactive shows on daily that get the kids up on stage for exciting themed experiments (the girls have been called up on stage every time we have been!) Check them out on YouTube.

4. There is an incredible Planetarium that will make your eyes pop and even has sessions specifically aimed at under 6’s.

5. The price includes as much time as you like creating your own animations in the amazing Animate It creation studio.

6. The layout really is pushchair/wheelchair friendly.

7. Parking is reasonably priced and super easy.

8. They have lockers for you to store all your coats/shopping/general baggage – woohoo, no aching arms or wishing you still had a pushchair to use as a trolley!

9. Your kids can get in free if they have a Blue Peter badge and you can find kids go free vouchers online before you arrive too. The Redhead has the iconic badge and we got a discount voucher for The Blonde so happy days!

10. Last but by no means least, there is a brilliant gift shop, which is always a highlight and this one’s great for stocking up on gifts that make you look quirky and clever!

The value for money aspect of this day out really is brilliant, you won’t want to leave – but, perhaps unusually for some family days out, you won’t leave feeling drained and exhausted either!

Here are a few pics of our fun day…and what is even more incredible is that the kids can carry on having fun with for free once you get home as everything you do can be logged via a barcode on your wristband and continued in online portal! Fan-bloomin-tastic.

@Bristol, best science museum, best kids days out

Eek – The Blonde, on the inside!

@Bristol, best science museum, best kids days out

Hanging out with Shaun in the Animate It Studio

@Bristol, best science museum, best kids days out

Making pictures come to life Wallace and Grommit style

@Bristol, best science museum, best kids days out

The Blonde playing a piggy in the ‘Fairytales’ science show – turns out the wolf should have learnt a bit about aerodynamics before attempting to blow down houses!

@Bristol, best science museum, best kids days out

Ahhhhhhhh Daddy…… for anyone who knows my mad storm-chasing hubby, you’ll know how exciting he found this feature!

@Bristol, best science museum, best kids days out

Playing in a forest of fibre-optics on the way to the Planetarium

And besides all the above, we shot rockets in the air, experienced being inside a womb, filmed our own weather reports, ran, spun, mixed, tasted, jumped, shouted, chimed, splashed, whizzed and twizzed all manner of leavers, gadgets and gizmos. Boy did we have fun.

But don’t take my word for it, visit At-Bristol and let me know what you think!

Donna xx

You Baby Me Mummy


  1. This does look really good! Lots of fun. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x


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