What is blogging anyway?

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We live in a digital age, our parents live in a digital age, and our children live in a digital age. And never before have such extremes of age groups engaged in the same world with such ease.

2 year olds use tablets for entertainment, and so do 92 year olds. Whether it’s Peppa Pig or Songs of Praise, they are both engaging and embracing a digital life without even a second’s thought. It’s become a natural part of life to access what we want, when we want at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen.

And entertainment is one thing, but functioning is another. The digital age is now key to how we get through our days, weeks, months. You’ll often hear me say that if it wasn’t for on-line shopping my family may not eat. It’s my lifeline!

Just think of all the daily activities you do thanks to the digital world – there is no escape. We are accessing information on our computers, our phones, our tablets, our kindles and our TVs; in our homes, our hospitals, our schools and our shops; in our cars, our kitchens, our lounges, and even (too often) in our loos. We are reading, cooking, watching, listening, dancing, learning and loving in new ways – all thanks to the digital age.

But more than anything else we do digitally, we now communicate digitally. Oh yes sirree we certainly do.

Look at me writing my blog. I used to write a diary, funnily enough it didn’t get much interest out there socially with my friends, family, the world, when it was tucked up in my bedside drawer. I might have looked a bit weird taking it on a night out, or sending a page to a friend to read for a laugh.

And to aid our communication we are now ‘social-media savvy’ – we’re on email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. etc. Day in, day out. Night in, night out.

It’s a text to your hubby, picture message to your daughter, an email to your friend, direct message to your mother, Facetime with your niece, Skype with your brother, Google hangout at work…you name it, we’re doing it digitally.

And it’s power is phenomenal – communicating digitally both keeps us connected and tears us apart.


Well, how many times have you sent a text to just say ‘hi’ or ‘good luck’ or ‘thinking of you’ and changed someone’s day?

How much easier have you found it to say ‘I’m sorry’, or ‘I love you’, or ‘shall we hook up’ in a text than face to face?

How many times have you shown your appreciation, sympathy or support or with a ‘like’ or a ‘favourite’ or a ‘retweet’?

And how many times have you shown your disgust, horror or disagreement by simply doing nothing? No clickey, no likey!

If language is power, digital communication is a rocketship – launching our words into space in a vehicle so fast and furious that only the emojis can keep up.

And even if you detest digital communication you still need it. Without it there would be less knowledge, less opportunity, less possibility.

Yes we all love a handwritten letter. Yes of course there is no substitution for interacting in person. And yes, I blow more kisses to more people in my digital world than I ever would in real life. But that’s no reason for someone to miss out on a telephone call, a coffee, or even a real kiss.

Physical interaction is always preferable to interacting online (unless you want to get out of something and then it’s, oh hello digital world, please send my excuse and don’t forget to add that ‘forgive me’ kiss). But physical communication is not always possible, fast enough, or even the right thing to do.

So what’s my point? Why is the digital age of communication so great?

Well take blogging for instance.

Sharing your thoughts is empowering. You can reach people you would never imagine with words and stories you never knew were worth sharing. It gives you a voice out of the darkness, a platform for your creations, a means to laugh, cry, learn and achieve. It brings camaraderie, friendship and opportunities. Blogging opens doors, minds, and conversations.

Without it, the world would still turn, we’d all still tell our stories, but our collective voice would be quieter and smaller, and new people would be harder to reach.

And I for one can say with my hand on my keyboard heart, that my little voice would not feel as loud, or proud, as it does today.

But what is blogging anyway?

It’s whatever it means to you. It’s your unique voice, your way and your life, in your words and your pictures – just done digitally!

I love it. I also can’t think of many other activities you can do from the comfort of your bed/in the middle of the night/with a wine glass in your hand either…well, not many legal ones, so I think it’s pretty flippin’ fantastic!

Don’t believe me? Find your voice and have a go. It takes a hefty pinch of salt and a big spoonful of courage, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, it could be a very exciting journey.

Donna x

What does blogging mean to you? Do you think it’s madness to put your stories out there, or have you tried it and it’s helped you find new friends, support, opportunities? I have learnt a lot in the past few blogging months and I wouldn’t have just experienced a weekend with some of the bravest, funniest, and most inspirational bunch of ladies and gents I ever did meet without it. I hope you’ve had some great experiences too.

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