Redhead on the blog – A teen beauty post from my daughter to yours!

pink fizz and ponytails, zoella, beauty for girls

Dear Reader,  Day one of the school holidays and The Redhead was already feeling creative – so what better idea than to let her loose on the blog! Please enjoy her guest post, which she planned and wrote by herself, styled and edited the photos and found the links – think I’ve found myself a beauty editor […]

3 Christening Gifts for a Little Princess

Princess Charlotte Christening, Royal Christening

Just like all fairytale Princesses, it’s only right that Princess Charlotte should be bestowed with three magical Christening gifts that will help her find her happy ever after. Dear Princess Charlotte, On behalf of all of your Fairy Blogmothers I grant you: The Gift of Honesty: Always tell the truth dear child because I promise you, nothing is ever […]