Redhead on the blog – A teen beauty post from my daughter to yours!

Dear Reader, 

Day one of the school holidays and The Redhead was already feeling creative – so what better idea than to let her loose on the blog! Please enjoy her guest post, which she planned and wrote by herself, styled and edited the photos and found the links – think I’ve found myself a beauty editor (who is already beautiful, inside and out). 

pink fizz and ponytails, zoella, beauty for girls

This is me before my makeover

Okay, so if you didn’t know me already I am Amelia, also, more commonly know as the Redhead. I begged my mum to let me write a blog post on something, I needed to think of something that would interest the readers (you) but also be an interest of mine. So I decided to go with make up and talk a little bit about starting out in makeup and what products to try, for example the Zoella beauty range. Although I’m only young, I do enjoy wearing makeup sometimes as it makes me feel more confident, which is always important, and it is also fun. I know that there are going to be a couple of people out there who would say “She’s too young to be wearing makeup”, but I don’t wear it to school or try and act all fancy or anything, I wear it because I just want to, it’s just exciting, isn’t it!

Starting out in make up is quite a big thing as you have made the decision to put liquids, powders and all sorts of things on your face- weird, right? At the point when I first said to my mum “I want to wear some makeup” I did already own some concealer, lipstick/gloss and some subtle eyeshadow this was her reply “Okay…*pulls confused face*… if you really want to, then start out with a little bit of powder.” So I went out with her and we tried out some powders on me, but then of course there had to be a ‘Buy one get one half price’ deal on so I thought it was only fitting that I bought another product as well. I chose to buy some more concealer as the other one I had was too dark for me- even though it was the palest colour, might I add. I bought a concealer from the same brand to ensure that the colours matched and blended well together. In the end I bought the ‘Rimmel London, Match Perfection Concealer’ in the shade ‘Ivory’ and the ‘Rimmel London, Stay Matte, Long Lasting Pressed Powder’ in the shade ‘Peach Glow’.

The next thing I like to put on is a little bit of lippie, or tinted lip balm if you like. My personal favourite one to wear is the Zoella ‘Kissy Missy’. This is very pigmented and it is a lovely bubblegum pink. Sometimes if I am feeling extra elegant I will put on the ‘Rimmel London, Kate Moss Lipstick’ in the number ‘28’, with a little bit of ‘baby lips’ in the shade ‘Pink Rock’ over the top. After Lipstick I move onto the eyes, on which I only put Mascara. Here is where it gets a little bit more complicated- WHOA PONY SLOW DOWN! I’m only joking, I just put two products on. First I put on the ‘Collection, No Clumps, Definition Mascara’ in the shade ‘Black 1’ -What a creative shade name… Next I put the ‘Collection, Longer Lash, Waterproof (Yeah, right.) Mascara’ over the top in the shade ‘Brown/Black 3’ -How do they come up with these fantastic names? I don’t tend to put on Eyeshadow, but if I do (usually for a night out or party of some sort) I would put on the ‘Natural Collection, Eyeshadow’ in the shade ‘Candy Floss’. To remove my make up I use the ‘Simple, Quick Fix, Cleansing Wipes’ and they seem to do the job just fine.

pink fizz and ponytails, zoella, beauty for girls

This is me after my makeover

Right, I have already rambled on for too long, so I should probably get to the Zoella beauty range reviews! I don’t have all the products from both ranges so I apologise if you were looking to find out about the ones I don’t have! I’ll try to keep them a quite short as this will be too long otherwise!

Zoella’s first range:

Soak Opera (Bath Soak and Shower Cream)- This a lovely relaxing, soft bath soak and creates beautiful, silky bubbles. It smells of strawberries and mangos making bathtime smell like heaven!

Fizz Bar (Fragranced Bath Fizzers)- This feels absolutely amazing in the bath as it contains many essential oils making it feel soft and silky (those two words will appear quite a lot). The whole range smells exactly the same and I don’t want to keep repeating myself, so I will put the scent into the first description.

Blissful Mistful (Fragranced Body Mist)- This is a gorgeous body mist that is soft and isn’t too strong, but not unnoticeable. It smells like strawberries. mangoes and sugar mixed altogether leaving you smelling like a fruit farm (in a good way, obviously).

The Beauty Bags- These are roomy, strong bags that are perfect for keeping all of your beauty supplies in. I have two of them- The pink spotted one with a guinea pig on the front and the turquoise one with the eyes on the front.

pink fizz and ponytails, zoella, beauty for girls, bath fizzer

Zoella beauty range 1

Zoella’s second range:

Foam Sweet Foam (Cleansing shower gel)- This feels delicate and soft on your skin and creates beautiful bubbles in the bath. It smells like sherbet mixed with some flowers and it is also very fresh.

Fresh Fizz (Fragranced Bath Fizzer)- This feels exactly like the Fizz Bar, but it has the scent from the second range. The main difference is that this one comes in four big chunks and the Fizz Bar comes in eight small chunks.

Let’s Spritz (Fragranced Body Mist)- This has tiny droplets of water that scatter over you (much like Blissful Mistful) making you smell wonderful and fruity!

Kissy Missy (Lip Balm)- This is very pigmented and feels creamy on the lips, it is a pretty pink that is bright and fun. This is my personal favourite out of everything and I wear it most days.

Make up bag– This is a smaller bag than the others and is slightly see through with opaque pink spots covering it, it is easy to keep in a handbag and is good for travelling.

pink fizz and ponytails, zoella, beauty for girls

Zoella beauty range 2

I would recommend all of these products and they are very affordable, they are sold in Superdrug and online at FeelUnique. They are fun and exciting products and they feel amazing! I hope you try some of them out!

Okay then, time to conclude this long piece of writing!

Thank you for reading this (if you got to the end) I hope it was helpful and it gave you some guidance if you were considering starting to wear makeup, maybe you have made your mind up- who knows! If you wanted to find out about the Zoella beauty ranges, I hope you get all the information you needed and you will buy some of the products.

Thanks for reading…Hopefully I will write another post sometime soon!

The Redhead Xxx

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  1. Catherine says:

    Amelia! This is amazing! I shall definitely be purchasing some for Lucy when she wants to start beautifying herself…I will look forward to your next blog. By the way you looked beautiful both before and after your make over. Catherine Mc xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastic Amelia ! I did read to the end am seriously impressed by your writing skills. I assume your target audience was your age group, but I have to confess you’ve educated and inspired me to experiment, and I’m a proper grown up ! Great photo’s too. Well done x

    Liked by 1 person

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