Hello lovely reader and welcome to our blog. Thank you for joining us as we hurtle through life together, laughing, loving and learning along the way.

Let me introduce you to the Pink Fizz family…

I’m Donna, freelance professional woman of writing and directing kinda stuff. Wife to Ed a.k.a Hardworking-Hubby (who you’ll find over on Twitter as @Chionomaniac) and mega-proud mum to our incredible young ladies, Amelia a.k.a. The Redhead (12) and Katie a.k.a. The Blonde (10). We live in sunny Sussex and when we’re not rushing around to work and school you’ll often find us running after Lola, our dog on the blog, across the South Downs.

Pink fizz and ponytails, mum's guide to life with girls, tween girls, teen girls

 Please meet the Blog VIPs…

The Redhead:

pink fizz and ponytails

💕 When the stork flew in with our first daughter, Amelia, we were surprised and delighted to welcome a strawberry-blonde baby into our otherwise brunette world. 12 years on and our beautiful little scorpio is living up to her gentle-red colouring with a unique combination of qualities; zooming from cautious to feisty, thoughtful to funny all in the space of 10 minutes! Currently learning to hibernate in her bedroom and honing her social-media skills ready for the teen years, she gets away with it by being a true grafter and shining like a star. Loves art, drama, languages and all things girly. Here we have an expert shopper with an eye for detail and enviable accounting skills. Sometimes I wonder if Mary Poppins is related to our eldest, as she really is ‘practically perfect in every way’…or so we are told! 💕

The Blonde:

pink fizz and ponytails

💕 No matter how hard she tries, Katie, our gorgeous little piscean, will always be our baby. Bringing a fresh approach to the brunette+redhead family combo, our blue-eyed blonde was welcomed into the world 2 years after her sister, and she has been learning from the master ever since. Otherwise known as The Cuddler, she gives out affection by the bucketful and is fiercely loyal to all those she loves. Favourite tv shows include Bondi Rescue, Emergency 999 and Animal Rescue…big-hearted, sensitive and brave, she hopes to work for the RSPCA one day or to save lives on Bondi Beach! I’m happy to say that as well as loving a slice of the action, she likes nothing better than to make us laugh with her funny impressions and highly detailed stories, and to cuddle up under a blanket with the dog and watch a funny movie with all the family. 💕

So, why start a blog? 

I am very lucky to work in a profession that I love, and to have a busy family life, but like most mums I spend my life juggling metaphorical balls and spinning metaphorical plates. The girls are growing up too fast for me to keep up, but for some reason they don’t seem to mind their old mum hanging out online with them. So this blog has been created to share our experiences, log our memories and have fun creating something together that will let us look back and laugh. We look forward to embracing the feedback, tips and support we get from you.

How it all began…

Picture the scene, it may be familiar:

1 sofa, 2 adults, 2 children, 4 Apple i-devices, everyone is chatting, but on the sofa there is silence. Why? Because we are all chatting to someone else online of course!

Don’t worry, this is not an ironic rant against social media or anything i-related, or even a pitch to try to get everyone off their devices (what I haven’t said is that we’re actually pretty good at interacting the old-fashioned way too), it is just a way of getting us all together in a new environment to reminisce, share our experiences and ideas, find answers to the ‘big’ teenage questions I only wish I knew. We’re here to create a virtual space in the cyber-world that complements our real life.

I love to write, but very often it is for others rather than myself, so quite frankly, it is with great thanks to the girls that I have been brave enough to do this!

Disclaimer: No dads were harmed in the building of this blog – it is girly because we are girls, even the dog, but we love boys too we just don’t have any all of our own except for the hubby! Please enjoy our posts, comment, connect and share, and don’t take us too seriously, because we don’t take life to seriously ourselves. :o) xx

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