Introducing a mini-blogger with a maxi-future

Amelia's World of Wonders

As we welcome in the New Year we find ourselves thinking about the year ahead and the year that’s passed. And I won’t lie, 2015 was a bit of a shocker. But at the end of it what we finally learned changed our outlook on life forever. 2015 felt like being inside a tornado at times, relentless […]

Hello…the work is done, now it’s time for some fun!

Donna O'Toole, The Communications Director, Digital games, Siri, Mad Libs,

In the immortal words of Adele – “Hello from the other side…” I’m sorry I’ve been away from this blog for a little while – I’ve been building another! Nuts? Probably. But there is a reason… I jumped on board a runaway train and have been hurtling full speed into a tunnel of website building, social […]

Redhead on the blog – A teen beauty post from my daughter to yours!

pink fizz and ponytails, zoella, beauty for girls

Dear Reader,  Day one of the school holidays and The Redhead was already feeling creative – so what better idea than to let her loose on the blog! Please enjoy her guest post, which she planned and wrote by herself, styled and edited the photos and found the links – think I’ve found myself a beauty editor […]

Homemade pizza for all the family

homemade pizzas, pink fizz and ponytails

Wow. It’s been a busy bank holiday weekend here at Pink Fizz Towers. I’d been planning to clear out the girl’s bedrooms for months and finally had a day free to get stuck in…the result was copious amounts of bin-bags along with clothes, toys, books and general girly tat finally extracted. Carpets can now see […]

Warning: This recipe will not make you a perfect mum!

Hi. I’m Donna, and I am a less-than-perfect mum. There, I said it. My confession is out there, the closet has officially lost a skeleton. A few years ago I don’t think I could have made such a confession. When I had my baby girls I desperately wanted to be the most perfect mum that […]

Size really does matter when you are growing up.

There is an ongoing battle in our house which revolves around a particularly lovely height chart the girls were given a year or so ago called “I’m as big as…” By rights, The Redhead should be the tallest, she is 2 years and 3 months older than her “little” sister. But the leggy genes seem […]

A Lush Start to the Easter Holidays

Lush Easter Bath Bombs and Fizzers,, Hippity-hoppity bath bomb, bunch of carrots, eggceptional fizzer

**Warning** this post may induce your tweens and teens to WANT take a bath!

When I was a nipper bathing more than once weekly was a luxury.

Being the first IN the bath was an even bigger luxury.

And bathing with the addition of a few drops of Mr Matey was akin to a spa weekend at Champneys!

Nowadays, thankfully, the whole approach to washing oneself has become far more fun and frequent. And as a mum of tween girls I am filling Zoella and chums’ pockets in desperation to get their pretty pink fizzers, bubbles, lotions and potions into the bath water and generally to make the kids smell better.

One of my girls’ favourite places to be is Lush, the ‘Fresh handmade cosmetics’ shop where they feel mum’s money is best handed over and never seen again. So as a fun start to the Easter Holidays we headed into the world of smelly soaps to treat them to something other than chocolate for Easter..find out what we bought here…

6 Secrets to Party Success

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We love a party here at Pink Fizz Towers, and what better excuse than our youngest daughter’s first foray into the world of double digits. Yes, it’s the big One-Zero for Katie, she’s finally hit the big time, catching up with her sister at a rate of knots at the grand old age of 10. But what to do […]

Why Minecraft is good for girls

Minecraft Disney, pinkfizzandponytails

Minecraft….it is quite literally a whole new world. I have never been a ‘gamer’, I’m just not quick enough off the mark for most games, and despite not being too bad with a real ball, I do wonder about my hand-eye coordination. I only have to look at poor old Mario and he gets killed in some […]

Is a dog the right pet for your family?

Have you been thinking about getting a dog? We all know the saying “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” so the decision to get a four-legged friend is not one to be taken lightly…we have certainly had some adventures with our doggy! Before you make the huge decision to add a furry […]