Introducing a mini-blogger with a maxi-future

Amelia's World of Wonders

As we welcome in the New Year we find ourselves thinking about the year ahead and the year that’s passed. And I won’t lie, 2015 was a bit of a shocker. But at the end of it what we finally learned changed our outlook on life forever. 2015 felt like being inside a tornado at times, relentless […]

Hello…the work is done, now it’s time for some fun!

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In the immortal words of Adele – “Hello from the other side…” I’m sorry I’ve been away from this blog for a little while – I’ve been building another! Nuts? Probably. But there is a reason… I jumped on board a runaway train and have been hurtling full speed into a tunnel of website building, social […]

Sometimes, enough is enough


Sometimes I am pathetic. It’s true. Sometimes I am utterly pathetic, because when there is something ‘bad’ going on in the world, sometimes I shut my eyes and I choose to switch off. Sometimes, I switch off the telly because it upsets me to see the devastating effects of a natural disaster in all its technicolour high-definition […]

3 Christening Gifts for a Little Princess

Princess Charlotte Christening, Royal Christening

Just like all fairytale Princesses, it’s only right that Princess Charlotte should be bestowed with three magical Christening gifts that will help her find her happy ever after. Dear Princess Charlotte, On behalf of all of your Fairy Blogmothers I grant you: The Gift of Honesty: Always tell the truth dear child because I promise you, nothing is ever […]

8 Steps to the Perfect Picnic Sausage Rolls

Perfect Picnic Sausage Rolls, Jamie Oliver Sausage Rolls

These sausage rolls are the easiest picnic solution for feeding the family

What is blogging anyway?

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If language is power, digital communication is a rocketship, launching our words into space in a vehicle so fast and furious that only the emojis can keep up.

The First Supper – An incredible story from the NCT

NCT Supper Club, national childbirth trust

In 2002 our lives changed forever. Our first baby was due in November and without family living nearby, and a bit of a rocky start to pregnancy, I was acutely aware that as bumbling new parents we would need some ‘baby friends’ for support. I’d heard that The NCT was the place to be but to be honest […]

The 7 Secrets to Surviving University for Mature Students

Thinking of going back to university? Over the age of 30? Read my 7 secrets to surviving university to avoid making the same mistakes I did as a 31 year old Fresher and make the most of your time as a mature student: 1. Choose your course carefully: Why do you want to go to […]

Don’t give up on your dreams, it’s never too late!

Sussex university, mature student, starting uni, fresher

It was never my destiny to go to University, or so I thought when I was growing up. Like many of my friends, my parents hadn’t been to uni so there was no natural progression to follow, and some unexpected twists and turns in life meant that by the grand old age of 16 I was […]

Homemade pizza for all the family

homemade pizzas, pink fizz and ponytails

Wow. It’s been a busy bank holiday weekend here at Pink Fizz Towers. I’d been planning to clear out the girl’s bedrooms for months and finally had a day free to get stuck in…the result was copious amounts of bin-bags along with clothes, toys, books and general girly tat finally extracted. Carpets can now see […]