A Lush Start to the Easter Holidays

Lush Easter Bath Bombs and Fizzers,, Hippity-hoppity bath bomb, bunch of carrots, eggceptional fizzer

**Warning** this post may induce your tweens and teens to WANT take a bath!

When I was a nipper bathing more than once weekly was a luxury.

Being the first IN the bath was an even bigger luxury.

And bathing with the addition of a few drops of Mr Matey was akin to a spa weekend at Champneys!

Nowadays, thankfully, the whole approach to washing oneself has become far more fun and frequent. And as a mum of tween girls I am filling Zoella and chums’ pockets in desperation to get their pretty pink fizzers, bubbles, lotions and potions into the bath water and generally to make the kids smell better.

One of my girls’ favourite places to be is Lush, the ‘Fresh handmade cosmetics’ shop where they feel mum’s money is best handed over and never seen again. So as a fun start to the Easter Holidays we headed into the world of smelly soaps to treat them to something other than chocolate for Easter..find out what we bought here…