Top Reads for Tween Girls

Judy Blume, are you there God it's me margaret

What was your favourite book when you were growing up? I have a few that are special to me… I was enthralled by Enid Blyton’s Naughty Amelia Jane for many years…that mass of hair and those naughty antics…she was my hero! In fact I loved this little girl so much that her name inspired my choice for our first-born, Amelia […]

Sex-ed for Mums!

sex-ed for mum, pinkfizzandponytails, girls development

It’s getting to that time in our house when we need to talk about “thex”. Now, I say “thex” because we tend to say it Miranda style in our house (silent ‘th’, dropped jaw, raised eyebrows…say it out loud – yep that’s it). We have a daughter in her first year at high-school, and she is in the midst of that biology […]